Guy Hatton’s PANTECHNICON (2011)

Guy Hatton's PANTECHNICON cover artwork

Track listing:

  1. Pantechnicon (12:51)
  2. Halcyon Hill (8:52)
  3. The Middle Of The Outside Of Nowhere (9:35)
  4. Six Four Eight Seven Four (7:54)
  5. Waiting For Godard (And Wenders) (7:47)
  6. Turf War (7:59)
  7. Mendocino Redwood (8:29)
  8. On Hill Cliffe (12:59)

All compositions by Guy Hatton

Guy Hatton: Guitar

Phil Meadows: Alto & Soprano Saxophones, Electronics

Graham Clark: Electric Violin

Dave Evans: Fender Rhodes, Piano, Synthesisers

Roger Inniss: Bass Guitar

Jose Williamson: Drums.

Recorded at Mutts Nutts Recordings, Leeds, UK, October/November 2010 by Graham Young and at PANTECHNICON Labs, Rochester, UK, April 2011 by Guy Hatton. Produced and mixed by Guy Hatton.

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